ELI: Cyberchondria

13th February, 2018

Explain like I’m a Noob Explain like I’m a Geek Explain like I'm Cyberchondriac Explain like I am John Doe Explain like I’m a Noob We all experience times when we feel that the world revolves around us. This, in…

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Figuring Out Competitive Coding

17th January, 2018

Competitive coding is something that everyone is recommended to try out during his/her initial years at college. Its close affinity to logical reasoning and mathematics makes it one of the most followed hobbies at campus. While a lot of the…

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TEDxIITRoorkee 2017: Symphonic Chaos

26th October, 2017

An annual TEDx event at IIT Roorkee has become a norm over the past few years with the conference promising to grow every time. Themed around the idea of “Symphonic Chaos”, this year’s TEDxIITRookee was about the stories that promote…

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Deep Neural Networks Detect Sexual Orientation From Faces

9th September, 2017

A recent paper (due to be published in the Journal of Personal and Social Psychology) by Stanford researchers Yilun Wang and Michal Kosinski on detecting people’s sexuality using a few facial images has created turmoil in two different communities; contrastingly…

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In Conversation with
Shantanu Agarwal and
Neeraj Gupta

10th August, 2017

Shantanu Agarwal and Neeraj Gupta, the founding fathers of IMG, helped ease the life of the populace of IITR through their numerous contributions to internet/intranet facilities of the institute. After graduation, both of them went on to become highly successful…

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HOD Interview Series

6th April, 2017

Prof. Debashis Ghosh was appointed the Head of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, IIT Roorkee, in 2015. He is a fun-loving, student-friendly teacher we had an amazing time talking to. With two of his students (first and second year…

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HOD Interview Series

22nd March, 2017

Prof. Partha Roy is one of the most respected professors and researchers in his field of study. He was also the recipient of the IITR Outstanding Teacher Award for the year 2014. From the issues in designing the course structure…

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TEDxIITRoorkee: Mustering Muses

6th March, 2017

The concept of TED Talks isn't alien to anyone today. These 18 to 20 minute presentations falling in the domains of Technology, Entertainment and Design have set a benchmark for persuasive and compelling arguments that motivate audiences to think and…

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