Srishti ’19 Spotlight series: Physics and Astronomy Club

8th March, 2019

Flickr: starsandspirals As the final interview of the Srishti'19 Spotlight series, we speak to Mr Piyush Marmat, a member of the Physics and Astronomy Club, and his project on rediscovering the origin of modern particle detectors through cloud chambers. GG:…

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Srishti ’19 Spotlight: Models and Robotics Section

4th March, 2019

As Srishti draws near, different sections of the student technical council work earnestly to showcase their notable achievements. We talked to the Models and Robotics Section about their ambitions and expectations from Srishti. Read on to find out about how…

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Srishti ’19 Spotlight: Team Robocon

2nd March, 2019

This February, Geek Gazette met up with Team Robocon to discuss their plans for the upcoming techno-hobby exhibition, Srishti’19. The Team, working on the problem statement since last August, is also gearing up for Robocon nationals later this year. The…

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Hacking the Planet with InfoSec IITR

22nd November, 2018

InfoSec IITR is IIT Roorkee’s very own group of information security and hacking enthusiasts. They bagged the first place at the Cyber Security Awareness Worldwide CTF 2018, conducted in IIT Kanpur, which is the most recent of their remarkable successes…

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ELI: Cyberchondria

13th February, 2018

Explain like I’m a Noob Explain like I’m a GeekExplain like I'm CyberchondriacExplain like I am John Doe Explain like I’m a Noob We all experience times when we feel that the world revolves around us. This, in turn, results…

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Figuring Out Competitive Coding

17th January, 2018

Competitive coding is something that everyone is recommended to try out during his/her initial years at college. Its close affinity to logical reasoning and mathematics makes it one of the most followed hobbies at campus. While a lot of the…

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TEDxIITRoorkee 2017: Symphonic Chaos

26th October, 2017

An annual TEDx event at IIT Roorkee has become a norm over the past few years with the conference promising to grow every time. Themed around the idea of “Symphonic Chaos”, this year’s TEDxIITRookee was about the stories that promote…

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