Spring ’17

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In Conversation with
Shantanu Agarwal and
Neeraj Gupta

News, 10th August 2017

Shantanu Agarwal and Neeraj Gupta, the founding fathers of IMG, helped ease the life of the populace of IITR through their numerous contributions to internet/intranet facilities of the institute. After graduation, both of them went on to become highly successful…

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Uncovering Computer Vision with
Samyak Datta

Editorial, 1st August 2017

With Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Neural Nets becoming some of the most discussed and highly researched topics in the field of Computer Science, we were lucky to have a conversation with Samyak Datta who is the author of the…

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‘Elements’ of Hobbes

Editorial, 26th June 2017

Aleppo has always been an unusual city because it is one of the few places on Earth that have been inhabited continuously since 6th millennium BC. Aleppo’s wealth of ancient buildings and its remarkable blend of people—Sunni Arabs, Christians, Greeks…

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The Reality of Noetics

Editorial, 18th April 2017

There exist a multitude of ways through which one can ponder over the secrets that are hidden from the mankind. It can be through the avenue of sciences which focuses on objective evaluation through experimentation and measurement, hence reducing bias…

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