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The Thrill of Live Acts

Editorial, 10th February 2017

Aesthetics is the branch of Philosophy that deals with the study of art. It helps us answer the question, "What can life be like?" because nothing in life or history is without teleology or purpose. THE PURPOSE OF ART Man…

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It’s time for Time Crystals!

News, 7th February 2017

If patterns can be made that repeat themselves in space, then can one make patterns that repeat themselves in time? Frank Wilczek, a Nobel winning physicist, came across this question in 2012 while teaching a class on usual crystals that…

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Over a Cup of Tea

Editorial, 4th February 2017

Stir in two spoonfuls of Indian tea leaves into the boiling hot water and watch the swirling water meet the crimson-brown of the tea leaves as they release their color and aroma into the teapot. Strain the prepared liquid into…

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In conversation with Sachin Gupta

News, 22nd January 2017

On the eve of 20th January, 2017, our alumni and the CEO of Hackerearth, Sachin Gupta, gave an inspiring speech on ‘Hacking your college life’ and on what it takes to build a successful company. Geek Gazette, in collaboration with…

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