An Epistolary Discourse With Yourself

Send your final year self a snapshot of your mind today and let nostalgia work its magic tomorrow. Simultaneously, indulge yourself in an experiment to check if you are going to invent a past-travelling Time Machine!

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Origami with Himanshu Agrawal

News, 30th September 2016

Call it Orukami, Origami, or simply paper folding, the traditional Japanese art has grown into something much more than just craft lessons taught in school. On the 24th and 25th of September, we had the pleasure of attending Himanshu’s workshop…

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Mayhem @ CGC

News, 17th August 2016

With the recent win in DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge (CGC), ForAllSecure is another step closer to its goal of building software technology tools that automatically find vulnerabilities. Their Cyber Reasoning System, Mayhem, beat all the others in DARPA’s CGC and…

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Incubation and Innovation

News, 10th August 2016

Creativity and Innovation are the two pillars of any successful company. In a world where millions of ideas come up every day, it’s not necessary that all of them become reality. However, being students of one of the best IITs,…

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Muggles and Wizards

Editorial, 5th August 2016

ACT ONE Scene One Senate Steps, IITR It’s almost 6 PM. There’s hustle and bustle around the Main Building. The air is full of noise from indistinct chatters of students coming out of LHC. Two boys, one average looking, spectacled…

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