A Trippy Treatment

Editorial, 9th September 2018

Ever since the dawn of mankind, man has been at war with microbes, and has always fallen short of becoming the triumphant victor. There was a point in time when diseases like smallpox caused large number of fatalities around the…

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It’s a Conspiracy!

Editorial, 27th July 2018

Julius Cæsar Act III. Scene I. Cin. O Cæsar,— Cæs. Hence! Wilt thou lift up Olympus! Dec. Great Cæsar,— Cæs. Doth not Brutus bootless kneel? Casca. Speak, hands, for me! [They stab Cæsar.] Cæs. Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Cæsar!…

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ELI: Middle East Crisis

Editorial, 12th April 2018

Explain like I’m an Indian Explain like I’m a SyrianExplain like I’m an Aspiring First-World Militant Explain like I’m an Indian The Middle East is a war-torn, unsettled region with a multitude of foreign alliances and proxy wars. Almost every…

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The Economy 2049

Editorial, 21st March 2018

Economies across the world are engaged in the production of goods and services. But what matters more than what they produce is, how they produce it. Big plantations might be a great business venture for the plantation owners, but not…

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