Geek Gazette Autumn 2017

Issue 18

The latest issue of Geek Gazette focuses on the past and present of mathematics, and its impact on our lives. With topics ranging from obscure mathematical theorems to the relatively newer fields such a geometric topology, we hope to bring not just their practical aspects to light, but also the reasons for our benevolent pursuit of this field. We also cover a large range of technical affairs, including the present state of the LHC in the article, “All new particles, no new physics”, the inner workings of Youtube in “Youtube Recommends”, and a look at the international symbol for hacker culture in “Hacker’s Symbol”. We also explore psychology and music, With “A resonance through the age, and “A shape of things to come”, where look at how mathematics are observed in music and dimensions, and “Hardcoding Cognition” takes a look at how the human personality can be moulded to one’s requirements under the right conditions.

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